Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Society has a labeling system. We as a society cannot thrive without throwing people in boxes.If you looked at me my neat little boxes would have me as a 34 year old bi polar, bi sexual , poet /writer.Thank goodness I am not defined by the parameters of these boxes. With self discovery , I have noticed I am also human. A human being who cycles out anywhere from a couple of month , to a year at a time. I experience high high's and low low's . Yet I have already accomplished great things , I wrote a book, got sober, and have maintained a job and steady housing for 2 years. So what if I am emotional , unpredictable , and have flaws. I also kick ass and take names.  Yet I believe , I have hope in my journey , and believe these entries could be helpful to others who experience similar journeys .So I write unsure what the next page or story might tell. I speak for the moments where I might end up voiceless and need a keyboard and a blank blog page to speak for me. I speak because silence has been some of the terrible loneliness sinking in my bones. Finally I write because hope is tangible and even if today totally sucks tomorrow is a new day. A day where a new version of me is thrown on the table.........and I sit wondering if I have built up enough courage to introduce myself to her and if I can get attached or if the days will bring other versions of me I may not like.......
I like to leave my thoughts hanging, dead sentences ready to start a new entry ,exactly where this one is left  off. With today I breath in determination not to seek answers but keep on obtaining and maintaining a sense of wellness that only makes sense to me. 

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